Thanks to a guiding system in the front and the rear, it is possible to follow the track.  Only a limited space from 6 m where the rails have the same level as the road, is necessary re- and de-rail.  It is not longer necessary to execute dangerous pushing actions or to disturb the other railway traffic. Going to another track can be done on the road.

This dual capability also reduces the cost of laying additional track, so that rail layouts can be simplified.

All rail gauges from 1.067mm to 1.676mm (not on each model).

One person is able, without leaving the cab, to convert the vehicle from road to rail within 2 minutes and from rail to road in less than 30 seconds. A camera is pointed at each guiding axle in order to follow the position of the vehicle on the monitor in the cab. The actions to be taken to convert the vehicle are reduced to a minimum thanks to a well-developed automation. For instance when converting the vehicle from road to rail and vice versa, lighting and control functions are converted automatically.

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