Maximum safety

Safety was the key element in the selection of technical solutions during the development of the rail-road vehicle. A lot of facilities prevent that disturbances, interruptions, faults, wrong commands or imprudence lead to damage or accidents:

  • Steps with lighting and grips conform to railway regulations
  • Railing all around the vehicle
  • Spacious and safe steps on each end of the vehicle. Free passage from the front to rear of the vehicle
  • Dead man’s control
  • Optical and acoustic signalisation for road and rail operation
  •  Emergency stop buttons on each corner of the vehicle
  • Constant surveillance and automatic correction of the pressure on the guiding system.
  • Low centre of gravity of the vehicle.
  • Robust chassis, high resistance in case of collisions
  • Surveillance on the conversion between the different modes “mode road”, “mode rail” and “mode rail remote control”

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