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The MOL ELLIPS® is characterized by its unique rounded tipper body with a gentler curve on the bottom than on top, giving it his unique elleptical shape.


  • Conical shape: the back of the Ellips is wider than the front for optimal unloading of the cargo
  • Hardox 500, 6mm: very resistant for impact during loading of cargo + maximum lifetime
  • Favorable empty weight: 2 axle’s version: 6550kg (incl. 2x12t axles, hydraulic tailgate, cylinder 60t and tarpaulin).  3 axle’s version: 7000kg (incl. 3x9t off-road axles, hydraulic tailgate, cylinder 60t and tarpaulin)
  • User friendly entry into the tipper.


Tipper built with high-value and wear-resistant aluminium (hardness HB110 Brinell) witch implicates a high lifetime and ideal empty weight.

Heavy duty chassis in high quality steel (S690QL) for ideal empty weight and maximum stability.






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