A couple of weeks ago, Provence Benne added the MINI G1 to their range of products. This new vehicle features 100%-electric drive, both for the chassis and for the superstructure.

The load container, which by the way is also entirely made of aluminium, has a volume of 3 m³ and is equipped with a compactor mechanism and a container loading system to empty all containers complying with EN 840-1 and EN 840-2.  We install the MINI G1 on a 100-% electric GOUPIL G5 chassis, with a GVW of 2 tonnes, allowing a load capacity of 500 kg.  That makes this vehicle particularly appropriate for a quiet, environmentally friendly and at the same time very efficient refuse collection.

This vehicle will be shown at the IFAT 2016 Trade fair in Munich, at the Provence Benne stand (FM.512/2).