We are very pleased to announce that we delivered this week the first VDK refuse truck ever in Denmark. This first truck was delivered to RenoNorden Roskilde. The body is a VDK ECO 22/IIK with a volume of 10m³ and a CB013 bin lifter. The body has 2 compartments of 50% and on the demand of RenoNorden, we mounted a special flap so that that they can empty the split bins that are used in Roskilde since the 1st of May. The body is mounted on a MERCEDES-BENZ ECONIC-chassis and was delivered by Ejner Hessel.

RenoNorden is the Nordic region’s leading private waste collection and transportation company, providing services to over five million people across four countries. As a company that operates in an essential social industry, RenoNorden offers investors a powerful and profitable investment opportunity.

If you wish more information about RenoNorden, you can visit their beautiful website! (http://www.renonorden.com)

We would like to express our gratitude to RenoNorden for showing confidence in our company and our products!!!